June 29, 2010

i {heart} face challenge - pets

Pets. I am not a pet owner right now, but my 4 year old is sure anxious to get one. Just last week we were praying over our breakfast and he requests, '...and God, would you please help Sparks bark for real?' Sparks is his stuffed puppy dog. TOO CUTE right? A few more of these moments and Daddy is sure to cave. So for this challenge I borrowed a pet from my friend. I just love this picture and how this little one is soaking up the sun & wind.

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  1. Very cute indeed. And LOVE that your son wants his stuffed puppy to bark : ) How cute is that. I am pretty sure I couldn't say no if I heard a prayer request like that!

  2. ModernWarfareWidowJune 30, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    Haha! Those eyes are hilarious. What a great shot.