July 09, 2011

e... ...business headshot

OK, pay attention.  i've known this beautiful & successful woman since i started out in the 'real world' as a bank teller back in 1996, in Washignton State.  she inspired me and encouraged me in ways she isn't even aware of.  we've kept in touch over the years...though more recently only once or twice a year.  out of the blue she calls me to see if i have plans of traveling to WA at all in the next few months...she was in the process of creating a business brochure and in need of some headshots.  NOT KIDDING, i had a ticket already purchased and was sneaking away for a break to Seattle, just 3 days after she called.   it turned out i was staying only 20 minutes from where she lived (up until last year we would have been at least an hour drive away from one another) so we were able to meet up.  i had two other shoots that weekend and lots of family & fun time scheduled, but i am so thankful that God made an appointment for me too!
E you are STILL inspiring and encouraging.  i love ya.

a&j... ... wedding

guess who holla'd my way, again??? that's right, Summer Montoya and I paired up for another super fun day of shooting.  i look at these pix and i can't help but smile because of how blessed i was to spend 8 hours with an amazing friend and fellow photographer.

not to mention what a crazy kewl wedding we were capturing. speaking of... ...

Fun is the word that describes this couple, and the amazing circle of friends & family that surround them.  From getting ready to closing down the dance floor, this gang knew how to celebrate such a special union.  i really felt honored to witness it and be a part of it for a day.  So thank you a&j for being YOU and welcoming me into your world.  And a big thank you to my partner in crime, Summer for trusting me to be her wingman.