September 20, 2011

HE met me.

in a song from my mailbox on my way out of town. in the empty middle seat on my flight up. in the parking lot outside a beauty salon. with the smile of a friend not seen in 14 years. under the canopy of branches behind a church. by a hot rod with bright orange flames. with open skies and a red barn wall. through kind thanksgiving from a bride & groom. on a ferry in the Puget Sound. with a cup of clam chowder. in the skyline of my childhood blanketed in mist. in a text message from a friend back home. with a snuggly baby in my lap. in the morning when i woke and didn’t need to get out of bed. with a view from the car window on my way through the city. in a studio of one very creative girl. with colors & textures. on an overpass; by a brick wall; in a coffee bar; on a blue bench; with leaves on a hill. with overcast skies yet no rain. with a chocolate shake to share on a curb. in a two year old boy’s brown eyes. in the front yard of a house for sale. with the sweet smell of baby. in the wrinkles and folds of a 2 month old. in a dance with our families next generation. with a warm meal in a home filled with love. with laughter and joy. with wide open arms of a sweet long haired girl. in the care of my mother. in an honest conversation with my big cousin. with a warm fleece blanket at 3 a.m. in the message of a dear friend. as i stood in line at the security check point. with a familiar face and the conversation of a stranger. by an outlet in the airport. with the reunion of an old friend in a sea of people i didn’t know. in the voice of my love calling to say he’ll meet me in three hours. with snuggles and kisses and stories of their adventures. in the words he spoke; words of his love & appreciation; words of our friendship; words that are engraved upon my heart forever.

 HE met me... ... when & where i didn't expect. i am humbled that HE cares and orchestrates all around me for HIS GLORY.