July 30, 2012

16x20 canvas ... ... [throwing J O Y giveaway]


it has haunted me (in a good way) from the first time i heard it at the beginning of one of my favorite childhood tales, charlotte's web.  maybe it is the angelic voice of sarah mclachlan, or maybe it is just the simple yet mighty truth behind the words.  give it a listen  ordinary miracle .  a few weeks ago, i found myself in a conversation with a sweet woman who was a tad anxious about giving birth for the first time.  i attempted to comfort her by reminding her that she is designed for this.  i have experienced childbirth twice myself and one thing that i found myself clinging too in those days of anticipation was knowing that He designed my body and the baby's body for those moments of labor.  are you familiar with the reflex on the bottom of a baby's foot?  run your finger from their heel to toe and they press hard to extend their foot.  well when the woman's uterus contracts, it triggers that reflex, allowing baby to push him/herself further down.  that just fascinates me!  she can not control the contractions nor can baby control a reflex...they are designed to work together.  an ordinary miracle.  ...moving on... last week i began this semi-regular throwing J O Y giveway in a response to something God has put on my heart for sometime.  i honestly had no idea how blessed i would be, as i set out to encourage others to notice the joy in their routine & ordinary.  while brainstorming for the next giveaway, i received an email for an amazing deal on a 16x20 canvas.  so it was settled.  but what to put on that canvas?  no sooner than i asked myself that, did a design pop up in my head.   the next day my boys and i were coloring.  colby was working on a star wars masterpiece.  parker was creating a mr. incredible original.  and i began to sketch.  the radio is often on in our home and this particular afternoon we were listening to k-love.  it wasn't the first time they've shared a scripture on the airwaves, so as the dj began introducing it i continued to doodle.  then the pencil stopped drawing...  "He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."  Job 5:9 
note: i realize the 'ordinary miracles' print may not speak to you so i am offering up a couple other favorites. i posted 'make it a good one' on facebook a few weeks back (shared from the Time-Warp Wife) and it received a lot of attention. and 'love is' happens to be one of our family's favorite passages. it serves as a great reminder. it is not rare to hear me question my boys (who am i kidding, and myself) "do you love your brother?" most of the time they respond with "yes" to which i can ask, "what should that look like?" so i searched...yes, pinterest... and put my own twist on one that i liked. 
so... ... all this to say that in your hunting for joy, you just may notice a miracle or two. 

( ordinary miracles )

( make it a good one )

( love is )

giveaway details.
included in the giveaway is:
your choice of one of the 3 prints shown above*, printed on a 16x20 canvas.
*if selecting 'make it a good one' or 'love is' then you get to choose the color.

to enter.
leave a comment with your favorite print design = 1 entry
leave a comment sharing a line from the print that speaks to you and why = 1 entry
leave a comment sharing some J O Y that you stepped in today = 1 entry

giveway is open until wednesday 08/01/12 @ 1pm (az time)

i'll pick a winner randomly and announce it before 4pm that day.
the winner is tricia
congrats!  i hope this will bring encouragement to you and your messy hair!

July 22, 2012

child training bible... ...[throwing J O Y giveaway]

this is the first of many giveaways.  most of you know that i am a joy hunter.  i pray for my eyes to be opened to see His blessings all around me and i rejoice when i find them, in abundance, in my routine & ordinary.  so i've decided to start throwing joy at others.  or at least giving some fun stuff away in hopes that they might see it in their own lives.  so without further delay i would like to introduce an amazing tool.  the child training bible.  i was going to take the liberty to rename ours, the family training bible, b/c i am certain us parents will use it just as much, if not more.  however, i humbly remembered that we are all children of God, so it isn't necessary to rename it.  wink. wink.

what is it?  "The Child Training Bible is tool that allows parents and children (and anyone that loves the Word of God) to go directly to the pages of Scripture for instruction in 20 key areas with a complete section dedicated to the gospel."  explore their site more to get a full idea of this tool's awesomenesswww.childtrainingbible.com  

 [a big thank you to my sister for introducing us to this...bec you throw joy at me all the time!]
giveaway details. 
included in the giveaway is:
- the Child Training Bible Kit (available here for direct purchase) which consists of 1 Child Training Bible Key, 3 double sided scripture tabbing charts and a set of instructions.
- the additional supplies needed to make the Child Training Bible, colored post it flags, and colored sharpie highlighters.
-note:  bible is NOT included because each family's preference may vary.  you will need to have a 9x6 hard bound bible to complete yours.
-i will cover shipping for those of you that are not local.

to enter.
leave a comment with your favorite verse = 1 entry
leave a comment sharing some JOY you found today = 1 entry
follow my blog /comment letting me know you are = 1 entry

giveway is open until wednesday 7/25/12 @ 1pm (az time)
i'll pick a winner randomly and announce it before 4pm that day.

the winner is michelle e.
congrats!  i am so excited for your family to find J O Y in this amazing learning tool.

July 08, 2012

vintage spoons & mason jars... ...[product]

spoons.  not just for eatin'.

(vintage spoon coat/hat rack)

(mason jar vase/sconce)

i've been busy in the workshop.  check out my shop and message me for a custom item.  ready to ship pieces will be going up this week.

July 04, 2012

america the beautiful.