August 10, 2010

Summer Vacation

Just a little collage to share some of the things I've been hunting & gathering over my summer break. We have been in our house for just over 2 years now and it is reeeeeally beginning to feel like ours. I am inspired by the contrast of shiney & new married with vintage & used. Blank walls and cabinet tops are slowly being filled, creating a story of things renewed and things yet to be used. I crave raw, organic textures. Metal, wood, paint, linens....things that once served a family....things that are fresh from the store in need of a family to serve. And I am often inspired to make something myself.... and find great joy & satisfaction when I can step back and L O V E what I see, knowing that God blessed me with hands to do such work.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like we dig many of the very same thing! And it's so much fun putting it all together. Have a great weekend!