February 15, 2012

open for business... ...[product]

yesterday was valentine's day...a national holiday that encourages you to tell those around you how much you love them.  today i am choosing to announce the opening of my etsy store because my products offer simple ways for you to tell those around you how much you love them over and over and over again.  don't wait for february 14th, 2013 to tell them they are special.

it isn't a rare thing for me to have ideas bouncing around in my head.  it isn't a rare thing for me to see something i like and then figure out a way to do it myself.  it isn't a rare thing for me to say, 'someday....'.  it isn't a rare thing for me to use words to encourage someone.  it isn't a rare thing for me to get giddy, absolutely giddy, about organization and order in our home.  it isn't a rare thing for me to be snapping pixit is a rare thing for me to accomplish something i've set out to do.  today, i did just that.  i have opened an etsy shop.  my motivation isn't profit, but rather it was to finish something i said i wanted to do...to offer the things that bring joy to the routine tasks of my ordinary days, to others. 

stop by and tell me what you think:  pixbyemily etsy shop

the products...
recipe binders these make me giddy! something i stumbled upon and in doing so discovered that the challenge of cooking and meal planning isn't so much of a chore when you have such a pretty and organized tool to help you.  it looks great on the kitchen counter too!

ps. i love you frames  another accidental find.  if you  know me,  you know i have a love for words and encouragment and well these simple adorned frames encourage peeps to encourage their own peeps, over and over and over again.

prints & notecards  i have always loved photography and design and recently i've been playing around with the two of them in a way that others can spread the love too.

i hope to be adding more products & listings as i go.  i have more than a bucket full of ideas in my head.  just need to slow down enough to wrangle them one at a time.

a special thanks to the women who have encouraged me to do this and have led the way into an unknown territory for me.  Bec, Malia, Jessica, Joselyn, Auntie Pat, my FDM, mom & Nicole you have no idea how much your support and input have meant to me.

February 14, 2012

bliss banners... ... [product]

allow me to introduce a very special friend of mine, nicole.  nicole is the magic behind the madness of Bliss Banners [ go shopping now... http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlissBanners?ref=ss_profile ] hers is a very encouraging and inspiring story of how Bliss Banners came to be.  i was so excited when she asked me to snap a few shots of her super fun product... so we made a morning of it & met for mochas at one of our favorite local hot spots, liberty market. 

you have got to get one or two or three of these.  find a spot in your home, or make room and order something just right.  they make wonderful gifts and party decor too.  nicole's creativity has no limits.

r&d... ...[wedding]

this day was about a man and a woman coming together in marriage... but it was so much more.  this day was about two families becoming one.  it was such an honor to witness the love between them all.

{getting ready}

{first look}

 {the ceremony}

{the reception}

{the wedding party}


{the end... or should we say, the beginning}