December 17, 2011

recipe binders ... ... debut

did you happen to see the before & after post i did on my recipe binder?  if not go here for the fun transformation.  well apparently peeps noticed and were almost as excited as i was.  i say almost because when i actually made mine, at a recipe binder party (what is that you ask? a ton of women sharing their delish dishes and exchanging recipes all while decorating a binder to keep them organized in.  also known as, food & fun.) uh...where was i...  oh yes, at this party, i seemed to be a tad, who am i kidding, much more excited than the other ladies when it came to creating the binder.  i arrived with photos i had taken and printed & special labels.  i wasn't just throwing together some fancy scraps of paper...i was taking this serious. (thus the laughter and pointing you'll read about in a minute.) i saw mine as a family treasure that could be passed down to future generations.  the thought of my daughter in law, or niece, or grandchild, flipping through these pages and baking from the same words passed down from my grandmother just makes me smile.  if you can relate, thank you. if not, then feel free to point and laugh or tease, but trust me you are going to want one.  i had several requests/orders and a few i wanted to make for gifts, so i began the creative proccess and assembly line.  mmm about 2 months in and i found myself with half finished binders and no way of justifying the time i would need to spend on them.  this where my friend nicole entered and put on her elf hat (which if you know her, you know how stinking adorable she looks in hats! even elf hats.)  she literally left my house one day with a basket of supplies and not quite finished binders and a week later delivered them to me all complete!  thank you does not even come close to expressing my gratitude for you my friend.

 so many styles from fresh & bright colors to french provincial.

 the cover and each divider has photos taken by me giving it a professional 'cook book' feel.

 each divider is secured in a sheet protector with double sided grommeted tabs.

a hand stamped thank you tag and some italian parsely seeds for you to plant are the final touch, right before it is shipped two day priority.

custom family titles and photo covers are available

see them in my etsy store:

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