December 16, 2011

old things new life... ... [revisted]

remember these old things?

here they are in their new life.

my friend Lynn called me up a couple months ago and said she had some 'old windows' in her possession...was wondering if i was interested in them...of course i said YES. above is one of them. thank you for thinking of me

oh the plans i've had for the 'space above the kitchen window' since we moved in 3 years ago. valance? no valance? "elbows welcomed on the table" vinyl lettering? collage of art? mammoth pottery barn fork and spoon? today i am SO THANKFUL that I stared at that blank space for 3 years and waited for this... mad props to nicole marshall for turning an idea, some scraps of fabric & and an old, very tattered window frame into a special, very special, corner of our home. 

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