August 08, 2011

whatch'ya got cookin'?

before. (recipe book makeover) while this one is cute, in a farmhouse sorta way, and it is small (allowing for easy storage)... it IS small.  for this wife of twelve years, and mom of two boys, there isn't a lot of time spent on handwriting recipes.  more often it involves a search on google or an email from a friend, at which point i quickly print it out and get cookin', or bakin' as the case may be.  thus my cute & small recipe book has accumulated many folded, recipes.  this does not make for easy meal planning, nor timely retrieval of a particular recipe when i need it.  so it was time.  time for a makeover. 

step one.  picked up some super fun scrapbook paper, gathered some scraps of ribbon, printed a title page as well as some labels and set up my dining room table like the set of a commercial for all things food.  snapped a handful of themed pix to use for my dividers.

step two.  edit, print, cut, & assemble.  i layered the complimentary papers.  arranged my themed food pix.  stapled on some tabs and stuck on the labels.  then came the glossary.  one of the challenges of my old recipe book was that i had a pile of folded recipes in no particular order, so when i knew which recipe i wanted, it took me way too long to find it.  i printed out a few pieces of paper with columns -one for each letter of the alphabet-  as i add a recipe i assign a page number (note: each section has its own numbering ie. breakfast is b1, b2, b3...lunch is l1, l2, l3) log it in the appropriate column and look forward to the ease of finding it quickly when i want it.

after. when it all came together, i found myself oddly giddy about how organized it all was and actually excited to sit down and plan meals.  and i hope that some day it will be a family treasure for future generations.

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