April 25, 2012

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i've had the pleasure, honor and pure fun of working closely with Joselyn of Soul Sisters From Scratch, for the past few weeks. She has always had a passion for faith.family.food and now has the opportunity to dive into it 'canonball' style and share it with all of us! please consider following her page and be encouraged by all she has to offer:

Founded by a Mom, with a Mom, for Moms of all ages & their Families. Giving Encouragement, Inspiration & Tips on Health, Home and Hearts ♥

Encouraging food, family, foundation and faith. Living in balance, Loving with intention, and Learning by example.

Food is our medicine and many times that is the first thing that slips in the busy life today. Return to balance, Live each day in balance and Be Well physically, emotionally & spiritually. See Everything as Beautiful & Create that Life you Want!

custom logo / business card

custom facebook cover photo

the creative wheels are still turning and crankin' away between us so be on the look out for much much more to come.

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