April 16, 2012

mesquite street market & NEW PRODUCT... ...[product]

i've been slowly entering the world of hand made goodies truth be told, when i find something i like, i make it for myself and then friends & family show enough interest that i make a few more to share.  i am learning that there are 2 types of peeps in the world of hand made goodies... those who see a good idea and use their skills to make it and those who see a good idea and welcome the opportunity to pay someone else to use their skills to make it.  either way i hope my products inspire, encourage and bring joy to the routine & ordinary.  feel free to stop by the etsy shop to scope out current inventory.

i had the honor of sharing a booth with my sweet friend & the genius crafter behind bliss banners, at the local mesquite street market this past weekend.  so much fun was had.  we managed to stay dry on the one day in the entire month that thunderstorms were forecasted.  and nothing took flight despite the 20mph gusts of wind.  it was my 2nd boutique and i just loved spending the day meeting local shoppers and being part of such a fun & creative community event.  a big thank you to Melody & Marlena  for organizing and hosting such a wonderful day.

allow me to introduce some new products...

mason jar wall vase/sconce.  i cut & route the edges of a solid piece of pine, myself.   then i spend time playing with the process of painting.sanding.adding character.staining. finally a genuine mason jar is secured to the finished board with a hose clamp for that perfect combination of traditional elegance + rustic charm + idustrial flare.  they fit anywhere in your home...purely decorative with fresh cut flowers... practical and functional holding office & craft supplies or kitchen utensils... or add some ambiance with a tea light.  if i had a beach house i'd fill the bottom with some white sand and burrow a little tea light in them for sure!  how would you use it in your home?  they are sold individually but a pair can really anchor a showcased piece of artwork on your wall...or three in a row with all your craft supplies in your hobby room would be sure to keep you organized and inspire.

 these are what i call the big brother to my classic ps i love you frames.  you get the same homespun feel from sewn cotton notebook paper, in a fun 4x6 frame.  only i anchor them with a decorative solid wooden base which is covered in either fabric, scrapbook paper or paint.  a fun splash of decor and design to your home and a little encouragment to encourage those in your home with a dry erase message...over and over and over and over again.

this is my favorite... it is what you get when you marry the ps i love you frame & the mason jar vase.

if you like what you see or have a question for me, please get my attention at pixbyemily@cox.net

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