June 17, 2011

come and knock on my door.

Below are pix of a little weekend project. (Okay maybe a few weekends.) This June marks 3 years in this house and we’ve been trying to make it ‘ours’. Truth be told we wanted to paint the entire exterior last Fall and just couldn’t validate the expense of it. So I went into thrifty creative – not gonna give up – mode and came up with a few little changes that would update the front of the house. New paint for the door & trim, and for the metal railing on the upper level; new light fixtures for the entry & garages; updated door knocker and new kick plates; some greenery and clean door matt; purchased some new house numbers then built & routed a custom wood plaque for them. All inspired by the custom made ‘welcome’ sign (by my friend Jessica http://www.joyframeworks.blogspot.com/ ) a $2 chair I rescued from a yard sale and a cranberry wreath I snagged at Target in the Holiday clearance bin.

When Joe broke his toe (the weekend we had planned to start) I wasn’t sure any of this would get done. We had the HOA approval and all the supplies already purchased so I just went for it. And I am so thankful I did. It would be too hot to tackle any of it now.

Don’t be surprised if you get stuck behind me on our street…every time I back out of our driveway, I have to check it all out!

before & after

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  1. LOVE the red door...I grew up with a red door my entire childhood and LOVED it...it means good fortune, I think? p.s. LOVE the new blog banner...lookin' good!