June 17, 2011

Fourth Annual 4th

Every year since my sister & her family moved to the desert we’ve celebrated the 4th OH July together (and every other holiday we possibly can) so naturally I’ve been planning the festivities and have decided to step it up a notch yet keep it home-spun if you will. The menu: baby back ribs, corn on the cob, macaroni n cheese, raspberry lemonade, brownies and s’mores. The fun: swimming in the pool, dancing in the kitchen, bbq-ing in the back yard and lighting up the sky in the driveway. The extras: all American tunes, all things red-white-&blue… canning jars full of red licorice, glow sticks & star beaded necklaces for the kiddos, platters of baby ruths & nestle crunch bars, all trimmed with a homemade paper banner. Which leads me to the purpose of this post – the banner. I’m always up for a craft project so I challenged myself to this one…a few google searches and a 5 for $1.00 sale on scrapbook paper at Joann Fabrics and I was ready to go. Keep reading to learn for yourself.

Step 1: hit up your local scrapbook store and try not to spend the entire day in there.

Step 2: create a simple triangle template, trace onto stacks of paper and get busy cutting.

Step 3: lay them out into a pattern

Step 4: pin the ribbon to the front of each triangle, lining up with the top edge and allowing ¼” – ½” of overlap from paper to paper.

Step 5: start sewing the ribbon on

Step 6: that’s it! Find the perfect place to display…around your front door, in front of your buffet table or along a stair rail.

Note: this is a very simple banner, all about the papers. You can easily fancy it up by cutting triangles with decorative edge scissors or adding layers of colored papers & cut out letters. I also found a no sew version, using a hole punch and weaving the ribbon, which allowed for easy folding and storage.

I saw these AHmazing strawberries last year http://kreatid.blogspot.com/2010/07/strawberry-awesomeness.html and you can bet they’ll make an appearance on our table again this year.

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