August 16, 2012

cafe boa ... ... [eats]

398 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe, Arizona 85281

some friends recruited me to capture a few of their favorite eats in town.  and of course, in order to really represent each location i had to try them out for myself... i fully suggest you do to! 

we felt like visitors in our own backyard & we had the quiet, lush & green patio all to ourselves. (it was a weeknight.)
natural & organic food.  light with intense flavor.  we indulged on a glass of chardonay, the house flat bread, sustainable muscles, and fries - so crispy and thin with amazing seasoning.  no need to order lemon with your water @ cafe boa, they serve up cucumber h20 and it was crazy refreshing.
on the left, my joe (not available on the menu). i love him so.  on the right, our joe.  a scoop of vanilla bean gelato served with a shot of espresso for you to pour over the top.  i'll be going back just for one of these... no doubt.

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