July 09, 2011

a&j... ... wedding

guess who holla'd my way, again??? that's right, Summer Montoya and I paired up for another super fun day of shooting.  i look at these pix and i can't help but smile because of how blessed i was to spend 8 hours with an amazing friend and fellow photographer.

not to mention what a crazy kewl wedding we were capturing. speaking of... ...

Fun is the word that describes this couple, and the amazing circle of friends & family that surround them.  From getting ready to closing down the dance floor, this gang knew how to celebrate such a special union.  i really felt honored to witness it and be a part of it for a day.  So thank you a&j for being YOU and welcoming me into your world.  And a big thank you to my partner in crime, Summer for trusting me to be her wingman.


  1. BEAUTIFUL Emily! I love love love love the one of Justin and Lo! It is so sweet! Oh and the one of Jordan and the girls makes me want to cry, especially the one where it looks like Soph is getting his approval on her dress....Adrian looks stunning! Okay...Jordan doesn't look so bad either! hahahaha! I love that you captured the character of this wedding, fun but so romantic at the same time! SWEET! ;) Your all nighter paid off! hahahah! now go get you some java!