January 19, 2011

my [WORLD] comes in 3rd

Anyone who 'really' knows me, knows that i am always game for some friendly competition. So when I heard that fellow photographer/graphic designer/Christ follower/Gilbert AZ dweller & friend, was hosting a 'contest' on her facebook fan page, I just had to do my part in supporting her, right?

Jen @ [KREATID photography + design] challenged anyone & everyone to share 'their world'. My entry is below:

in MY WORLD i am a tightrope walker. finding balance between Him, him & them. in MY WORLD i am a conductor. orchestrating my roles as daughter to The King, wife to my beloved and mother of our two boys. in MY WORLD i am me. comfortable and smudged, graceful and polished.

I am so thankful to be a part of a community of such amazingly creative and open people.
NOTE: you can read Jen's post displaying the top 3 entries here .

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