October 12, 2010

i {heart} faces....beef!

A slight drift from the 'normal' challenge which must include a face...this week it is all about BEEF. Each year for Father's Day I try to wow my hard working & devoted husband with a hearty, usually beefy, meal. This was one of our favs.

here are my notes from the Father's Day feast pictured above…

2 lbs lean sirloin, 1 med onion or ½ large, (grate 3-4 T and chop the rest for topping later), 1/3 lb smoke gouda cheese, 1 T worsteshire, ½ bottle of beer (obviously the alcohol will cook out, but certainly okay to skip this), 2 T parsley, a palm of Montreal grill seasoning, palm of paprika – smoked sweet, palm of cumin, 2 cloves garlic – finely chopped.
Mix all together and make 4 patties – tip was to make them thinner in the center so you don’t get that burger bulge when they shrink up on the grill.
**I have side note that says to ‘drizzle in evoo’ but I don’t know how much???**

Top burgers with lettuce, pickles, sauce(see recipe) & chopped onion. Serve with corn on the cob (see recipe)

Handful of dill – chopped, 4 T spicey mustard, 4 T sour cream

BBQ SAUCE (for Corn below):
2 T vinegar, 2 T brown sugar, 1 T worsteshire, 1 T hot sauce, 1 T montreal seasoning, ½ C ketchup
Mix and cook on medium low heat

Cook corn first then - squirt juice of 2 limes and drizzle some evoo on corn + some salt (like those measurements?), and put on the grill for a few min to get ‘grill marks’, then baste with prepared bbq sauce and top with chopped onion.

That is all she wrote, literally those are my notes in entirety- bon apetit!

wanna drool some more? click below!

thank you to TxBeef.org for sponsoring this week’s yummy challenge! And Nolan Ryan Beef
who will be rewarding one of the entries with a $250 gift certificate.

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  1. That corn recipe sounds fabulous. I know this is about beef and all, but I had to tell you that I'm so trying the corn on the cob!